Pain Free Over Forty E-Books & Video Tutorials

There is a strong  demand for the over forty and beyond population for freedom from joint pain, muscle pain, and the ability to remain strong and mobile. In my practice I have treated professional athletes as well as everyday moms, pops, and seniors. What I have learned in my career of working alongside doctors and physical therapists is that most pain can be managed conservativly as opposed to taking drugs or surgery.  I have created a format where  patients can access through e-books and video tutorials my treatment  protocols and  be able and do a great deal of healing by themselves.This can be done solo or  with the help of loved ones. . I explain in detail,   how to perform  these techniques and can also arrange  a Skype  consultation or message to discuss your particular situation. Treatment plans should be flexible enough to fit the client not the other way around. If you have been suffering and not had the results you have been looking for lets collaborate on making you pain free.

Yours in Health,

Rick Weisbrot MS Lac, LMT

Past consultant to player medical services US Tennis Open

Former Faculty Northwell Health Hospital System in partnership with ProHealh Care Associates Sports Medicine Lecture Series for Doctors